Dosing & Safe Level Consumption


Replace with Keep all cannabis products out of the view and reach of children. Keep your products in its childproof packaging. Keep out of the reach of pets and animals. Consider buying a lockable container in which you can store your cannabis products. Mood carries a few different lockable options. Check out our in-store accessories.

Understanding Your Dose

Titration is a concept that involves an incremental adjustment of dosage that involves finding your minimum effective dose to feel the desired effects.  Your minimum effective dose will differ from others’; it may be a few puffs off a joint, a small bite from an edible, or a couple pulls off your vaporizer.

You can discover your minimum effective dose by starting small, being aware of the THC potency of your strain of choice. Be aware of the onset of the type of cannabis products you are using, as some are more instant and some have a more delayed onset. Check out our Cannabis Education – Methods of Consumption part of our website to see more information about effects and onset.

One rule of thumb when consuming cannabis is that you can never “take away” effects, but you can always add them, which is why starting slow is the optimal approach.

Counteracting the Effects of THC

If you feel that you have over-consumed, there are a few methods that you can try to reduce the effects of the THC to get you feeling more comfortable:

  • Use a pure CBD product; CBD can counteract the psychoactive effects of THC;
  • Chew or smell black pepper; the beta-caryophyllene in pepper binds to the same parts of your brain that cannabis does, which will bring a sense of calmness. Black pepper has been used as a method to reduce anxiety for centuries;
  • Take a brisk walk, or engage in light exercise; sweating will help the THC pass through your system quicker;
  • Stay hydrated, as using a diuretic will help the THC move through your system;
  • Take a nap, or simply chill out with some Netflix;

The most important thing is: Don’t panic! No one in history has ever died of cannabis overconsumption!