Moistness/Humidity Levels – When you open it to feel it, is it dry & crumbly or is it squishy & sticky? Freshness, packaging dates, and growing methods play a big role in whether the bud will be squishy or dry and rattling around in the bag/container, and contribute to the overall smoothness and quality of the smoke.

Colour – Not all cultivars of cannabis produce the same colour, but by a general rule of thumb you want brighter, more vibrant coloured buds. Check out the Blog on Anthocyanins to dive deeper into why some buds have different hues and how that phenomenon occurs.

Feel – Not all buds are big! Just like apples some grow very big and some grow smaller, it is not always an indicator of the buds quality. When you feel the bud you don’t usually want it to turn to dust/powder in your hand (but hey, some people do! All good! Everyone uses cannabis for different reasons) Try buying a couple different cultivars (strains) and taking a look at the different bud structures, is it tight and dense? Big and fluffy? Long with lots of pistils? No two buds look the same, like snowflakes! When I started my journey into cannabis connoisseurism I found it easiest to notice the difference when I got two or more different strains/cultivars and did a side by side comparison and sniff test. Ask one of our Moodies to help you pick out two totally different products both visually and olfactory (smell).

Smell – Smell is a HUGE part of cannabis! Do you like the smell of lemons? How about lavender? The smell of hops? The smell of citrus? Or is earthy more your vibe?

Terpenes influence the smell and flavour of the cultivar (terpenes are the naturally occurring molecules that can grow in all plants in nature, not just cannabis plants). By deciphering which smells and tastes you are drawn to, you can begin to identify which effects they provide for you as the consumer. This is super helpful in determining what other cultivars to try next, as you will already know which terpenes to steer towards or away from. Terpenes are truly the steering wheel of a cannabis high, while THC or CBD is the gas pedal. Some cultivars will have higher percentages of terpenes than others, and this is noticeable when you smell it. If the smell is strong and spreads throughout the room it is likely full of terpenes. In contrast, when you smell a 6 month old bag that you forgot about, it might have lost a lot of its smell and flavour which will alter the effects of the high.

Having a hard time telling the smells apart? Ask your Budtender to help you find two opposing terpene profiles and smell them one after the other, you should be able to notice the difference 🙂

Hot Tip: Have you never really understood the whole taste + smell aspect? (weed is weed after all) Try Orange Tingz 3.5g by Pistol & Paris for a legitimate explosive taste of delicious spiced christmas oranges (for real, this is the one to try if you want to develop a sixth sense when it comes to cannabis flavour)

How to Distinguish Between Terpenes: Try out a smell comparison like mentioned above, kind of like ordering a flight of beers or doing a wine tasting, but the weed version. We also have more in depth information about Terpenes on our previous blog posts, in addition to the Education portion of our website. Become your own weed scientist, mixing the right elements to make your high tailored to your needs.

Trichomes : What are they? They are the crystal looking part of the cannabis plant, and they produce the hundreds of known cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make our favorite cannabis strains potent, unique, and effective.

Check out the Mood Blog for more info or come into the store to chat with our lovely and educated staff, we love taking this journey with you!