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Return Policy


Do you accept returns?

If the Excise Tax stamp is unbroken, there are no signs of visible tampering, and you have a receipt, you may return your product to Mood Cannabis Co within 15 days of purchase. If the product is considered defective (mouldy, expired, or damaged) or is recalled by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) or Licenced Producer, you may return the product to the location it was originally purchased from.

Can I still return the product if I opened it?

No. If you have broken the Excise Tax stamp, or if there are visible signs of tampering, we cannot process a return. We can only return an opened product if it is considered defective, damaged, or recalled by the Licenced Producer or BCLDB. 

If I do not like the experience of the product, can I return it?


Can I exchange my product for a different one or get an in-store credit?

If you have broken the Excise Tax stamp, we can only exchange the product if it is considered defective, damaged, or recalled by the Licenced Producer or BCLDB. If the product is unopened with no visible signs of tampering, and you have your receipt, you may exchange the product for a different one. If there is a return of funds, it will be returned to you in the original tender paid. If there are funds owing, you will be required to pay the difference.

Mood Cannabis Co cannot offer any in-store credits at this time.

I bought the wrong type of vape cartridge and it does not fit on my battery, which I only realized after opening the package. Can I return it for the correct cartridge?

Mood Cannabis Co staff will make every effort to ensure you are buying the correct cartridge for your system. If the product has been opened, we cannot return the product unless it is considered defective (when used with the correct battery), or recalled, however we do have the correct batteries for sale and will be happy to help you explore a new system.

The cannabis seeds I bought didn’t grow, can I return them?

No, unsuccessfully cultivated seeds are not considered defective.

The product is defective or recalled. How do I return it?

Please contact us via phone or email ( or come into the store you purchased the product at (if you purchased at our Metral location, please return the product to that location). If emailing, please include the following information:

  1. Reason for return
  2. A picture of your receipt (or your customer profile information so we may look your purchase up)
  3. Product description
  4. Lot or batch number
  5. Photo of the product

We have a return sheet you will be asked to fill out for reporting purposes.

What will happen to my product after I return it?

All cannabis products will be returned to BCLDB.


How long do I have to return a cannabis accessory after I purchase it?

Cannabis accessories may be returned if they are in the original packaging with a receipt, within 15 days from purchase.

My vaporizer or battery stopped working; can I return it?

Mood Cannabis Co staff will try to troubleshoot the product. If we deem the product in working condition, it will not be returned. If the product is considered broken, we will either refund in the original method of payment or exchange your vaporizer or battery for a new one. Only if stock levels permit. If the product is no longer in stock, we can exchange for a different model, which may be subject to a price difference, or process a refund in the original form of payment.

What will happen to my product after I return it?

If the accessory is considered saleable and has not been tampered with, it will be sanitized and restocked. All other accessory returns with be responsibly disposed of.

PLEASE NOTE: We treat all returns on a case by case basis, and the return will be at our discretion. If we believe the product is not defective, or if we believe the product has been tampered with, no return will be processed.