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Here at Mood we love and rely on Terpenes, Flavonoids, and Cannabinoids to drive the experience of our high. Here are some of our Staff’s Go To Terpenes they seek out when buying their products.

Elizabethe’s fav terp is Limonene & Myrcene because she loves the way it makes her feel.

Dayna’s go to terp is Pinene because she loves the ‘greeny taste’ and it suppresses her munchies!

Brandon loves Limonene for the refreshing flavour and uplifting effects.

The terp that calls to Zion’s heart is Myrcene for the whiffs of herbal goodness.

Kristjan finds himself drawn to Caryophyllene for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and mild clove or hoppy flavour.

Sweet Caring Christy likes Limonene for it’s anti-inflammatory effects, stress relief, and pain relief and because she loves citrus.

Zoe gravitates towards Myrcene as a sleep aid and it helps her manage anxiety.

Lovely Liza likes Humulene for that good dirt and beer taste and it helps her ease any pains.

Talayna loves Myrcene because it never gives her anxiety!

Chase finds Linalool very helpful in winding down, relaxing, and for it’s calming smell.

Megan looks for Pinene for that good good taste, and because it helps her with her memory!

When he can find it, Paul goes for Ocimene! It offers an uplifting, energetic, and elevating experience with a sweet fruity, citrus woody twist.

Chloe gets her hands on Farnesene every chance she can for its stimulating effects and sweet apple sensation.

Marina finds love with Limonene in the way that it makes everything brighter and more vivid.

Come chat with us about your favourite terpene and why you like it! Don’t know what any of this means but want to join in on the fun? No worries, come in and we can discover it together!

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