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When the Canadian government announced that it would legalize cannabis as of October 17, 2018, a team of professionals was formed to create Mood Cannabis Co. Mood Cannabis Co. is a group of legal retail cannabis stores that seek to elevate recreational cannabis by being the premier private cannabis retailer in British Columbia. Mood Cannabis Co. was named to reflect our core team’s belief that everyone should be able to exist freely within their desired state of mind, or mood, supported by legal, high-quality cannabis. By partnering with Canada’s Licensed Producers that have their origins in BC, and a few from other parts of Canada, we meet consumer needs and interests with some of the finest cannabis grown in the nation.

Mood Cannabis is dedicated to cultivating positive experiences for anyone who enters our store. We focus on cannabis education, striving to break outdated stigmas with the power of knowledge. As an owner operated business we are avid advocates for our local cannabis community .We carefully source our products from B.C. Growers, Craft producers and local artists. Come visit us and say “high” today at one of our two locations.

Mood Cannabis is inclusive to all legal adults (19+). Our friendly “Moodmakers” are here to help supply your desired state of mind, and find your mood!

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