Terpenes make up the building blocks of all plants; they are responsible for giving plants their aroma and taste. Cannabis terpenes are becoming more and more celebrated among cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy tasting and smelling the terpenes of their cannabis. 

Here are some common terpenes that are celebrated in cannabis:


Earthy, woody, and spicy, humulene is found in cannabis as well as basil, hops, and coriander.


Limonene is one of the most common terpenes that can be found in foods, fragrances, and some household cleaners. Limonene is known for its citrus aroma and taste in cannabis, and it’s also found in peppermint, juniper, and of course citrus rinds.


Linalool gives off a spicy and floral scent and flavor. It’s found in common plants and herbs like lavender, mint, cinnamon, and rosewood.


Found in the resin of coniferous trees like the pine tree, α-pinene (“Pinene”), a primary isomer, can be found in cannabis, sage, eucalyptus, olive, rosemary, and sassafras as well as other plants and herbs. Pinene has an interesting relationship with THC; cannabis strains with pinene are balanced in their psychoactive effects, giving off a calming feeling.


Found in apple, cumin, some citrus fruits, tea tree, marjoram, and oregano, Terpinolene has a smoky and woody taste and aroma.